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Student Ministry



We exist to make disciples of Jesus

through partnering with parents.
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…through partnering with parents.

The most important component in student ministry is our parents. The Bible is quite clear that the responsibility for training children to follow Jesus belongs to parents (Ephesians 6:4). We seek to empower and equip parents to disciple their own children and provide opportunities for parents to lead in our ministry.

…through biblical teaching.
Bible Lessons

…through biblical teaching.

The center of our weekly gatherings is the Bible. The Bible is read, studied, discussed, and prayed through because it is the Word of God that makes us wise for salvation (2 Timothy 3:15).

…through small groups.
Prayer Group

…through small groups.

This format provides opportunities for students to foster community with one another and with wise, trusted adult leaders. Students gain more intimate, discussion-based discipleship through these age and gender specific groups.

…through mentoring relationships.
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…through mentoring relationships.

Surrounding students with mature Christians who are worthy to be imitated as they follow Jesus is a priority of this ministry. Mentors lead our small groups, chaperone our events, accompany us to camp, and much more.

Recommended Resources

For students serious about God’s Word - what it says and how it applies to all of life: ESV Student Study Bible  

To increase in your understanding of the Bible: 
Visit www.bibleproject.com for an excellent assortment of videos that will help you understand Scripture. Explore lots of videos that include introductions to each book of the Bible or deeper themes within the Bible. 


The student ministry events are planned for several reasons. We seek to encourage friendship and fellowship between our students, but the events are also opportunities for students to befriend trusted adult mentors: other parents and leaders in the church body. We always seek to create fun and safe environments for students to learn more about Jesus through Bible study, to pray together, and to ask questions. Parents are welcome to join any student event.

Weekly Meetings
Upcoming Events

Wednesday Night at 6:15

New City Catechism

Meet in the Big Room for prayer and singing followed by teaching and small groups in the Attic. 


Robbie Gray

Student Pastor


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